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Our 'Rent to Own' program is designed to help you into your own home, right now, even if you are in some situation that makes it difficult or inconvenient to actually buy today.


Rent-to-Own homes or commonly otherwise known as Lease Purchase Homes, Lease Option Homes, Lease Option to Buy Homes, Houses for Lease Purchase Option - are a wonderful alternative for people who would like to purchase a home right now but may need a little time to acquire a down-payment or build up their credit rating.

So what exactly does rent to own or a lease purchase entail? A standard rental lease allows you to live in the home and there are usually associated move-in expenses such as a deposit and/or security deposit. With lease purchase homes or lease option homes, the "option" agreement gives you the right to purchase the rental home within a certain period of time at an agreed upon price. There is also usually an initial "option" amount due upon signing (similar to a rental deposit) and a monthly additionally payment which applies to the purchase price of the lease option home.

Buying a lease option home through a rent to own lease is one way to save for a down-payment while you get to enjoy living in the house for lease option purchase. But be sure to fully understand this type of agreement as you must be willing to see the option all the way through and make your payments on time or you could risk losing the right to purchase the home and any additional option amounts you paid.

  • You will need to complete an application to take out a lease option on the property. An application fee is payable when the application is lodged.
  • Consult a Lawyer for an explanation of the Deed of Option to ensure that it represents the agreement reached with the Seller for the Option to Purchase the house.
  • Sign the Deed of option.
  • Sign the Residential Tenancy Agreement.
  • View Contract For Sale.
  • Complete the periodic payment authority for direct debit of rent and option fee payments from your bank account.
  • Pay the Option fee.
  • Move into the property, look after the property, pay your rent on time when itís due.
  • At least 3 months prior to the expiry date of the Option, advice the seller that you wish to proceed and buy the property. Seek bank or other financing as required. Arrange for a Legal Representative to handle the purchase on your behalf.
  • Purchase the property and stop paying rent.

For Example:

Comparative sales of similar properties in the neighborhood of "Your Rent To Own Home" suggest that the property could be worth $280,000.

This is your purchase price:  $280,000

A possible deposit could be $10,000 (this is less than 3%)

Your Monthly payments on the Balance $270,000 at say,,, 8%* would be approximately $1997 per month plus utilities etc.

Depending on the arrangements made in the purchase contract, of the $1997 per month, sometimes up to $200 could be credited to the deposit balance. This is obtainable on completion of the purchase. Over a 2 year period this will ad up to almost $5,000 in directed saving of the principal.

This is by far a better alternative to waiting and trying to save a Deposit the traditional way and the rates we provide are way below that of traditional lender's "Low Doc" loans and those of Hard Money lenders who's rates can be as high as 15% or more.


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